Vagari's Cruise

Welcome to Vagari’s 7th winter of sailing. We have put 8,000 miles under Vagari’s keel during those cruises but this year like last year won’t be a high mileage year. We just don’t have the lust for the long cruises that we did when we started cruising but we still enjoy living on board and sailing near our homeport. Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy our blog. Your comments, questions and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

We Started Our Cruise With A Road Trip To Alamos, MX

Wednesday March 9 was departure date from our home in SaddleBrooke. We are having work done in the marina yard so we didn’t expect her to be ready to launch. We are having the rudder rebuilt, new bottom paint, a little fiberglass work and the gray/blue strip along the sides repainted plus the normal spit and polish work to the topsides, deck and stainless steel. We have already replaced the masthead navigation and anchor light lenses and the lamps with LED’s as well as replacing the cabin lights with LED’s. The LED’s draw a little more than 10% of what they replace. This makes a huge difference in the load on the batteries when anchored. And we now turn on enough cabin lights so we can read at night without wearing “headlights”.

Sure enough the work was not completed so we spent a day or so checking out the progress and making sure everything was being done to our liking. We then took a “vacation from our vacation” and went to Alamos, Mexico, a 3 or 4-hour drive further south.

The Spanish Conquistadors first went to what is now Alamos in 1545. In 1683 extremely rich silver ore was discovered. A town that peaked out at about 30,000 inhabitants was built to support the mines. The mines lasted until the very early 1900’s. Some of the homes built by the rich mine owners survive even after two major revolutions and are lived in today. Rhea and I toured three of these home this year and three two years ago. All except one was a very old “originals” that had been restored.

The photos that follow don’t do justice to the beauty of Alamos. There is an American community of over 300 but only about 50 “summer” in Alamos. One told us that if she died in the summer and went to hell at least the temperature wouldn’t change.
The restaurant in this courtyard served a great lunch
The open door and gate to the courtyard says "we are home please come in" – no we didn’t.

The church is striking from any angle day or night

The town square gazebo has a most interesting ceiling
This Display in the town square is made from plastic toy guns, knives soldiers etc.
The Colors Of Mexico

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Elementary Schools

Local hospital and fire station

The inside of the church is beautiful also but a close look shows its age


Many of our friends are surprised that we don’t have more ill effects from eating out. You might be interested to see some of the restaurants we patronize. We just ask other cruisers or local North Americans for suggestions. This one is a very trendy yuppie place in Alamos. We had a great lunch with sailors we last had lunch with four years ago just north of Puerto Valarta. For the two of us a delicious lunch was just under $10US plus tip.

One night we had dinner at a very expensive hotel in the center of town. Our table was about 100 yards from the street courtyard entrance. The walk to the table was through beautiful gardens. The rooms in season cost from $255 to $950US per night. I’m sure they are really nice but ours was $62 had a view of the square and great shower. Dinner for two was just over $30US plus trip.
Our Table

The Oldest House On The Tour

The original floor is probably 200 plus years old