Welcome to Vagari’s 7th winter of sailing. We have put 8,000 miles under Vagari’s keel during those cruises but this year like last year won’t be a high mileage year. We just don’t have the lust for the long cruises that we did when we started cruising but we still enjoy living on board and sailing near our homeport. Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy our blog. Your comments, questions and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Manzanillo Bay, Colima, Mexico

Las Hadas Anchorage: Latitude 19 degrees 5.091 minutes North

Longitude 104 degrees 20.660 minutes West

See if you can find us on Google Maps.

Sunday we left the Barra de Navidad lagoon, and then took on a little fuel and mostly filled our water tanks. We live on about five and a half gallons of fresh water a day. Rhea may substitute the word survive for live. Sunday night was spent in the northwest corner of the Barra de Navidad Bay. I spent about an hour in the water cleaning the bottom and the prop of the growth that the lagoon promotes.

Monday we mostly motor sailed southeast to Manzanillo Bay, the Las Hadas anchorage where our daughter and her family will arrive Friday. The anchorage was full, forcing us to anchor outside of the most protected area. In the morning we re-anchored two times as boats left. Now Vagari is in a spot properly protected from the prevailing waves and wind. The next morning I still wasn’t satisfied with our position (too close to the marina entrance when the wind was offshore). A boat that was anchored next to shore left this morning so we took their spot. That’s a personal best, or worst, for Vagari. Four attempts to get it right.

We have spent too much time with friends since arriving. Now we must work the next few days getting Vagari “ship shape” and taking on stores for our grandchildren. There is no such thing as too many M&M’s for our grandchildren..

OUR PLANS - as usual “written in sand at low tide”

Kim’s family leave Saturday February 23.We sail to Barra de Navidad and meet our very good friend Bob Ley on the 25th. Bob will help us sail Vagari back to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, our homeport. Unlike the trip down we will cross to the Baja from the mainland then cross back to San Carlos on the mainland. The prevailing winds are still from the northwest. That is the direction of our destination. We hope for a few days of spring southerly winds to make our trip pleasant.

We expect the trip to take at least three weeks. We probable will only have occasional Internet access at best.


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STREBIG said...

Google Earth/Panoramio photo
Wow--what a beautiful spot, (and so close to major earthquake sites!). I'm enjoying your cruise (vicariously, online, and wishing . . .)

Mike Ransom, Albany OR