Welcome to Vagari’s 7th winter of sailing. We have put 8,000 miles under Vagari’s keel during those cruises but this year like last year won’t be a high mileage year. We just don’t have the lust for the long cruises that we did when we started cruising but we still enjoy living on board and sailing near our homeport. Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy our blog. Your comments, questions and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Preparing For Sea

This is a busy week for Vagari and her crew.  We arrived Monday afternoon and splashed at 8:30 Wednesday morning. We have been cleaning, putting systems back together, doing some upgrades, needed maintenance and generally getting ready for sea.  Tom Hoffman has joined us for the first few weeks.  He is an experienced cruiser with more years and at least twice as many cruising miles on his boat as we have.  He sailed on San Francisco Bay with his boat "Persistence" for years.  With Tom's advice and help we have done much more than we expected.


The weather has been an issue.  We have had two days of mostly light rain and now two days of strong (35 kts) northwest winds. The usual hazard of San Carlos still plagues us, meeting cruising friends for lunch and dinner and overeating. So after a week we need to go sailing.


Our plan is to leave Wednesday at first light and go down the sea off the mainland coast for four or five days. By then the water temperature should be well into the 80's. That should put us hopefully south of Puerto Vallarta. That will be a 600-mile voyage, a record distance for Vagari. This late in the year and this far north the weather windows are short so we will need a little luck for the first three days.


I haven't been able to get the boat computer to talk to the shortwave radio so I won't be able to send email from sea just yet but I will be working on that problem. I will send an update as soon as we make port

Latest weather looks better that before so we are leaving in the morning.  4:25 PM Tueaday

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